$140 Allstar Performance ALL10266 Heated Tire Siper Automotive Tools Equipment Siper,Tire,telacoach.com,$140,Allstar,Heated,Performance,Automotive , Tools Equipment,/Restaurants,ALL10266 Shipping included Allstar Performance ALL10266 Tire Siper Heated Shipping included Allstar Performance ALL10266 Tire Siper Heated Siper,Tire,telacoach.com,$140,Allstar,Heated,Performance,Automotive , Tools Equipment,/Restaurants,ALL10266 $140 Allstar Performance ALL10266 Heated Tire Siper Automotive Tools Equipment

Shipping included Allstar Oakland Mall Performance ALL10266 Tire Siper Heated

Allstar Performance ALL10266 Heated Tire Siper


Allstar Performance ALL10266 Heated Tire Siper

Product description

Sipe tires quickly and effortlessly while maintaining precise control. Siping can greatly improve traction by allowing the tire to reach and maintain optimum temperature. A locking lever and blade clamping screw secures up to 13 blades in the head assembly. Blades can be easily positioned up or down to desired cutting depth. A built in blade rail holds blade strips in place while individual blades are snapped away. Tool heats in 10-15 minutes. 110V plug in operation only.

Allstar Performance ALL10266 Heated Tire Siper

Image:  Robe Camel Farm, Limestone Coast

COVID-19 business support

Stimulus measure for businesses affected by COVID-19.

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