Diffraction,Prism/Sun,Great,-,Grating,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,telacoach.com,Sheet,/avenging1665780.html,-,$13,Lines/inch,13,500 Diffraction Grating At the price of surprise Sheet - 13 500 Sun Great Lines inch Prism $13 Diffraction Grating Sheet - 13,500 Lines/inch - Great Prism/Sun Home Kitchen Home Décor Diffraction,Prism/Sun,Great,-,Grating,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,telacoach.com,Sheet,/avenging1665780.html,-,$13,Lines/inch,13,500 $13 Diffraction Grating Sheet - 13,500 Lines/inch - Great Prism/Sun Home Kitchen Home Décor Diffraction Grating At the price of surprise Sheet - 13 500 Sun Great Lines inch Prism

Diffraction Max 76% OFF Grating At the price of surprise Sheet - 13 500 Sun Great Lines inch Prism

Diffraction Grating Sheet - 13,500 Lines/inch - Great Prism/Sun


Diffraction Grating Sheet - 13,500 Lines/inch - Great Prism/Sun

Product description

Size:6 in x 5 ft (15 cm x 152 cm)

Our diffraction film is perfect for bringing rainbows into your home! Place it in a window that receives DIRECT SUNSHINE and a prism of beautiful colors will brighten your home! Ships in a re-useable tube for safe-keeping and comes in three sizes (6" x 12", 6" x 36", and 6" x 60"). This diffraction film is not 'sticky', but it can be attached to windows with ordinary household tape.

Diffraction Grating Sheet - 13,500 Lines/inch - Great Prism/Sun



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