JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone mart 2 Xs X Pro 11 $4 JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Xs/X [2 Cell Phones Accessories Accessories JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone mart 2 Xs X Pro 11 Compatible,/beastdom1120364.html,telacoach.com,iPhone,[2,Screen,Protector,11,JingooBon,$4,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,with,Pro/Xs/X $4 JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Xs/X [2 Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Compatible,/beastdom1120364.html,telacoach.com,iPhone,[2,Screen,Protector,11,JingooBon,$4,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,with,Pro/Xs/X

JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone mart Genuine 2 Xs X Pro 11

JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Xs/X [2


JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Xs/X [2


Product Description

This 2-pack front screen protector combo is for the iPhone 11 Pro's users who would like more protection for their phones.

The screen protector protects your phone from daily tear and wear.



1.Is it made of tempered glass or plastic?

This screen protector is real tempered glass. It is made of specially processed glass which is very effective for protecting your screen from damage.

2.Why does my screen protector get cracked or shattered?

It is not the screen protector itself which is shattered and cracked proof. The screen protector helps your phone screen reduce the chance to get shattered or cracked. The screen protector takes impact force and shock force instead of your phone screen. As a result, the screen protector would probably get cracked or shattered because it is glass after all.

3.Does it show fingerprints?

Because of the oleophobic coating on our screen protectors, fingerprints won’t stick and can be easily wiped away. We recommend using cloth for quick and easy cleaning.

4.Does the screen protector cover the whole screen? Why is it smaller than my iPhone's screen?

Due to the rounded edge of the iPhone design, and to enhance compatibility with most cases, the tempered glass does not cover the entire screen. It is effective for preventing bubbling and peeling at the edges.

5. Why does the screen protector have a white edge?

The iPhone has 2.5D curved edges around the screen, but due to inconsistencies in production, not all iPhones have exactly 2.5D curved edges. There are indeed slightly difference on the curved edges of different iPhones from different manufacturers. However, all JingooBon's screen protectors are strictly produced to fit a 2.5D cured edge. As a result, you might find the white edge around your screen protector.

JingooBon Screen Protector Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro/Xs/X [2

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