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OliBoPo Women's Waterproof Limited Chicago Mall time trial price Natural Resin Band Watch Replacement

OliBoPo Women's Waterproof Natural Resin Replacement Watch Band


OliBoPo Women's Waterproof Natural Resin Replacement Watch Band

Product description

Color:Dark Pink

Silicone straps feel soft and comfortable against skin, they are durable, and the material is easy to keep clean. OliBoPo silicone straps are also hypoallergenic. Because of these qualities, silicone straps are ideal for sports use, and our selection contains many different options from the classic outdoor designs to lightweight and breathable athletic straps.
CARE FOR YOUR WATCH We recommend treating your Casio watch just like any other part of your wardrobe. Get a spare strap or two for your watch, change them depending on what you are wearing or doing, and wash the watch body and the straps regularly.
HOW TO CHANGE THE QUICK RELEASE STRAP This accessory straps with quick release mechanism are easy to change without any additional tools. To detach a strap, pull the spring on the underside of the strap to release the pin and remove the strap. To attach a new strap, first insert the pin on the opposite end to the spring mechanism into its socket, then pull the spring and slip the other end into place. Release the spring and check that the pin goes all the way into the socket. You can also pull the strap gently to ensure the strap is in place.

OliBoPo Women's Waterproof Natural Resin Replacement Watch Band

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