ETS Self Defense Keychain - Weapons Shipping included fo Ring Aluminum Key fo,Defense,Aluminum,ETS,Sports Outdoors , Fan Shop,Weapons,/bulbiform1486478.html,Defense,Self,,Keychain,Key,$4,Ring,- ETS Self Defense Keychain - Weapons Shipping included fo Ring Aluminum Key $4 ETS Self Defense Keychain - Aluminum Defense Key Ring Weapons fo Sports Outdoors Fan Shop fo,Defense,Aluminum,ETS,Sports Outdoors , Fan Shop,Weapons,/bulbiform1486478.html,Defense,Self,,Keychain,Key,$4,Ring,- $4 ETS Self Defense Keychain - Aluminum Defense Key Ring Weapons fo Sports Outdoors Fan Shop

ETS Self Defense Keychain - Weapons Shipping Columbus Mall included fo Ring Aluminum Key

ETS Self Defense Keychain - Aluminum Defense Key Ring Weapons fo


ETS Self Defense Keychain - Aluminum Defense Key Ring Weapons fo

Product description

In an emergency, are you still complaining about no tools?
Car escape, use it to break the glass!
Gangster attack, use it to repel gangsters!

ETS Self-Defence Key Chain is popular among women, students, car owners in domestic and foreign markets. It has a good effect. According to the design of human body mechanics, Self-Defence Key Chain has a strong handshake and it is easy to exert force. Lightweight, portable, easy to use and with strong impact force, concise and smooth shape are also its advantages.

Material: Avation solid aluminum alloy
Size: 14x1.5 cm / 5.5x0.6 inches
Weight: 1.4 ounces

ETS Self Defense Keychain - Aluminum Defense Key Ring Weapons fo

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