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Levi's Women's Premium Skinny Jeans 501 Max 70% OFF New Orleans Mall

Levi's Women's Premium 501 Skinny Jeans


Levi's Women's Premium 501 Skinny Jeans

Product description

The Levi's Women's Premium 501 Skinny Jeans. Designed with superior craftsmanship and extra attention, Levi's Premium elevates our iconic styles with quality that’ll stand the test of time

Levi's Women's Premium 501 Skinny Jeans

A graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Bloomington, IN.

June 2020

The Follow-up

Introducing The Follow-up! A bi-weekly podcast that goes in depth into projects recently reviewed on Brand New, featuring conversations with the designers — and sometimes their clients — uncovering the context, background, and design decisions behind the work.

December 2019


Armin will be speaking at LADFEST on February 29, 2020, in Lima, Peru.

May 2019


Armin will be speaking at Typographics on June 14 – 15, in New York, NY.

January 2019

Dieline Conference

Armin will be speaking at the 2019 Dieline Conference on May 8 – 10 in Chicago, IL.

Dieline Awards

Armin will serve on the jury of the 2019 Dieline Awards.

September 2018

In/Visible Talks

Bryony will be speaking at In/Visible Talks 2019 on January 17 in San Francisco, CA.


Armin will be the opening keynote speaker at Phoenix Design Week on October 6 in Phoenix, AZ.


Bryony will be speaking at Admission on September 2018 in Chicago, IL.

Dunham Men's Captain Boat Shoe

A graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Bloomington, IN.

3421 E Latimer Rd
Bloomington, IN 47401

(917) 755-0750

(718) 228-6720

ARIAT Men's M4 Low Rise Jean

Headlines and wordmark
Druk Condensed XX Super by Berton Hasebe for Commercial Type.

Neue Haas Unica by Toshi Omagari for Monotype. Served via fonts.com.

UCLLC logo
Custom lettering by Mark Caneso.

Brand New
Opinions on corporate and brand identity work.

Art of the Menu
Restaurant menus from around the world.

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Flaunt (PDF + Print)
Flaunt: Designing effective, compelling and memorable portfolios of creative work.

Brand New Conference Videos
Individual, downloadable videos of every presentation since 2010.

Products that need no further description. They are that good.

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Brand New Conference
A two-day event on corporate and brand identity with some of today’s most active and influential practitioners from around the world.

OCTOBER 7–8, 2021

First Round
A one-day showcase of original presentations made to clients showing initial design explorations for logo, identity, and branding projects.

MAY 14, 2021

Quipsologies (2005 – 2017)

One of our longest-running blogs that curated curious, creative, and notable projects, stories, and events of the graphic design industry.

FPO (2009 – 2017)

One of our original blogs that published compelling printed projects.
Timberland Men's Low-top Sneakers, Yellow Wheat Nubuck

Brand Nieuwe Conference (2016)

A one-time effort to bring the Brand New Conference to Europe. The Brand Nieuwe Conference took place in Amsterdam on June 20 – 21, 2016.

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