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Ainifeel Women's Genuine Leather Crossbody Bags With Tassel Zipp


Ainifeel Women's Genuine Leather Crossbody Bags With Tassel Zipp


Product Description

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Patent Leather Medium Dome Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag with Tassel Zipper Pocket Patent Leather Medium Dome Crossbody Bag Shoulder Bag with Tassel Zipper Pocket Patent Leather Triple Crossbody Bag With Crocodile Pattern Genuine Leather Crocodile Tassel Crossbody Bag Genuine Leather Round Crossbody Bag Genuine Leather Crocodile Shoulder Handbag Crossbody Bag
Dimensions 10.2''(W) x 4''(D) x 8.7'' (H) 10''(W) x 2.25''(D) x 9'' (H) 9''(W) x 3.15(D) x 9.84 (H) 10.2''(W) x 4''(D) x 8.7'' (H) Diameter: 8.25'', thickness: 4.25'' 12.5''(W) x 6''(D) x 7.5'' (H)
Size Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium Large
Structure in Interior Three pockets Three pockets Three pockets Three pockets Two compartments Four pockets
Closure Zipper closure Zipper closure Zipper closure Zipper closure Zipper closure Zipper closure
Extenal pocket One front tassel zipper pocket, one back zipper pocket One front tassel zipper pocket Two front zipper pockets One front tassel zipper pocket, one back zipper pocket No exterior pocket No exterior pocket
Strap type Adjustable and removable strap Adjustable and removable strap Adjustable and removable strap Adjustable and removable strap Adjustable and removable strap Adjustable and removable strap
Carrying Options Crossbody, single shoulder Crossbody, single shoulder Crossbody, single shoulder Crossbody, single shoulder Crossbody, single shoulder Crossbody, single shoulder
Fits Up To 10''Ipad 10''Ipad 8''Ipad 10''Ipad 7''Ipad 10''Ipad

About us

Since 2007, Ainifeel has specialized in designing and producing of genuine leather bags. We always believe that details determine success or failure. High-quality materials, elaborate craftsmanship, multipurpose design are the most important pursuits of Ainifeel. We had lots of fans on this marketplace before, however, we experienced a problem on he marketplace in 2019 because of some reasons, so we changed product lines and styles and started from zero in 2020. Even though our business become very slow this year, we believe good product and reasonable, fair quotation will recover the business situation of a company some day

100% Patent Genuine Leather Tassel Zipper Pocket Crossbody Bag With Crocodile Pattern


--100% Top quality patent cow leather, thick and sturdy fabric lining, antirust golden hardware

--Patent leather is stain resistant, easy to clean. Just wipe it with soft dry cloth when you want to clean it

--Measurement 10''(W) x 2.25''(D) x 9'' (H). Fits 10''Ipad. Strap drop: 21.7'' Removable and adjustable long crossbody strap

--Tassel zipper pockets design and patent leather with crocodile pattern texture make the item quite stylish

--2 ways wearing, crossbody bag and shoulder bag

Ainifeel Women's Genuine Leather Crossbody Bags With Tassel Zipp

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