Voltage,telacoach.com,LED,/costrel1120634.html,Panel,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Double,Voltmeter,,for,Round,Monitor,Digital,Ca,$9 $9 LED Digital Double Voltmeter, Round Panel Voltage Monitor for Ca Automotive Replacement Parts LED Digital Double Voltmeter Round Voltage for Panel Columbus Mall Monitor Ca LED Digital Double Voltmeter Round Voltage for Panel Columbus Mall Monitor Ca $9 LED Digital Double Voltmeter, Round Panel Voltage Monitor for Ca Automotive Replacement Parts Voltage,telacoach.com,LED,/costrel1120634.html,Panel,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Double,Voltmeter,,for,Round,Monitor,Digital,Ca,$9

LED Digital Double Ranking TOP7 Voltmeter Round Voltage for Panel Columbus Mall Monitor Ca

LED Digital Double Voltmeter, Round Panel Voltage Monitor for Ca


LED Digital Double Voltmeter, Round Panel Voltage Monitor for Ca

Product description



Parameter information:
Input large volts of DC 10-60V, it is suitable for most 12-24V vehicles with 2 batteries, one for main battery and the other for auxiliary one. With dual led digital display, well designed to check up real-time voltage for 2 electrical appliances at the same time, which clearly shows you the voltage readings and helps you to better monitor car voltage condition. Say goodbye to exhausted battery before each drive.

Multiple uses:
Molded in compact round shell with black matte surface treatment and drill size of 1.15 inch in diameter to fit for most almost all dashboard panels, this double voltmeter is universal fitted to most RVs, pickups, trucks, trailers, boats, etc.

Material: nylon
Color: as pictures shown
Size: as pictures shown

Package included:
1 x LED digital double voltmeters

LED Digital Double Voltmeter, Round Panel Voltage Monitor for Ca

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