Waterproof Pet Grooming Save money Apron Nylon Pockets with Anti-Static Waterproof Pet Grooming Save money Apron Nylon Pockets with Anti-Static $13,telacoach.com,Pet,Grooming,Pockets,with,/cucurbite984412.html,Nylon,Anti-Static,Waterproof,Apron,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Pet $13,telacoach.com,Pet,Grooming,Pockets,with,/cucurbite984412.html,Nylon,Anti-Static,Waterproof,Apron,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Pet $13 Waterproof Pet Grooming Apron with Pockets Nylon Pet Anti-Static Pet Supplies Dogs $13 Waterproof Pet Grooming Apron with Pockets Nylon Pet Anti-Static Pet Supplies Dogs

Waterproof Pet Grooming Save money Apron Nylon Pockets with Anti-Static Raleigh Mall

Waterproof Pet Grooming Apron with Pockets Nylon Pet Anti-Static


Waterproof Pet Grooming Apron with Pockets Nylon Pet Anti-Static

Product description



★3 sizes are available:M,L,XL.

★Suitable for man and woman,the max weight is 220lb.
★Color available:black

★Waterproof nylon fabric,anti-static,breathable are important
components of our products.And the apron are suit for unisex
who is under 220lbs.You can wear it when you bathing your
pet,clipping your pet,cutting your pet’s nails,or when you want
to hold your pet.
★NOTE:Allow 1-3cm error and some color difference because it is in different display.

Waterproof Pet Grooming Apron with Pockets Nylon Pet Anti-Static


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