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Georgia Boot Marshland Unisex Chelsea Duck Boot


Georgia Boot Marshland Unisex Chelsea Duck Boot

Product description

Our Marshland unisex Chelsea duck boot is a perfect chore boot or an everyday casual boot. The upper is made from our premium SPR barnyard proof leather. Stronger than conventional leathers, SPR leather resists many caustic acids and alkali commonly found in barnyard and pasture environments. Nylon pull loops and gore panels allow for an easy on and secure fit. The interior on this 6" duck boot is lined in a mesh material infused with cooling fibers to keep your feet comfortable. The comfort continues with the removable AMP LT memory foam insole. A layer of memory foam atop a cushioning polyurethane base, this comfort footbed conforms to your foot giving you a customized fit. The waterproof rubber shell is joined to the oil and slip-resistant rubber outsole through a vulcanized rubber construction. It includes a steel shank for added stability and arch support. Our Marshland collection are unisex boots in whole sizes only based on men's sizing. Women should older two sizes smaller and ½ shoe sizes should order down

Georgia Boot Marshland Unisex Chelsea Duck Boot

A vibrant festival city with Roman roots and a Viking past, offering an adventure for everyone.

Imagine a city with Roman roots and a Viking past, where ancient walls surround contemporary independent shops and vibrant eateries and there’s a festival for every month of the year. Welcome to York - the Original City Adventure!

Perfectly placed half-way between London and Edinburgh and with the glorious Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and Wolds right on the doorstep, York is unlike any other English city. There’s thirty world-class museums you can explore, the best racecourse in the country and a thriving cultural scene, not forgetting, York is voted the best place to live in the UK by the Sunday Times.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your break to York and create your own Halloween #HauntedYork adventure!


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Explore York & Beyond

Yorkshire Museum & Gardens

Housing some of the finest collections of archaeological and geological finds in Europe, the Yorkshire Museum, is the ideal first port of call for any trip to York. From prehistory to the Romans, Vikings and the city's…

Choose Your Adventure in York with York Pass. York Pass is a sightseeing card which gives you free entry to top attractions, museums and monuments in York.

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Included in York Pass

York Minster, City Cruises York, JORVIK Viking Centre, The York Dungeon, Van Gogh Immersive Experience, York City Sightseeing, and so much more!

Each York Pass also comes with a free 24 Hour hop on hop off bus tour plus a choice of three pasta or pizza dishes at ASK Italian Restaurant, York.

Choose your Adventure

York Festivals

View all Festivals
1st Oct 2021 - 1st Nov 2021

Haunted York

2nd Nov 2021 - 30th Nov 2021

Aesthetica Short Film Festival

18th Nov 2021 - 23rd Dec 2021

York Christmas Market - St Nicholas Fair

York Events

View all Events

York has a vibrant calendar of festivals, events, gigs and shows and there's always something exciting taking place for you to enjoy whilst visiting the city.

22nd Apr 21 - 31st Dec 21
Family Event, Food and Drink Event
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Chocolate Lollipop Making

22nd Apr 21 - 31st Dec 21

Traditional Confectionery Mast…

22nd Apr 21 - 31st Dec 21

Chocolate Truffle Masterclass

17th May 21 - 1st Jan 22

Bean to Bar Chocolate Mastercl…

17th May 21 - 14th Nov 21

Reunited: Lifting Lockdown wit…

17th May 21 - 31st Dec 21

Chocolate Indulgence at York C…


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