$21 Floating Shelves Wall Mounted,Natural Bamboo Small 16 Inch Wall Home Kitchen Home Décor Floating Shelves Wall Sales results No. 1 Mounted Natural 16 Small Inch Bamboo Inch,telacoach.com,Wall,16,Bamboo,/lanum1665808.html,Wall,Mounted,Natural,Small,Shelves,$21,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Floating $21 Floating Shelves Wall Mounted,Natural Bamboo Small 16 Inch Wall Home Kitchen Home Décor Floating Shelves Wall Sales results No. 1 Mounted Natural 16 Small Inch Bamboo Inch,telacoach.com,Wall,16,Bamboo,/lanum1665808.html,Wall,Mounted,Natural,Small,Shelves,$21,Home Kitchen , Home Décor,Floating

Special price Floating Shelves Wall Sales results No. 1 Mounted Natural 16 Small Inch Bamboo

Floating Shelves Wall Mounted,Natural Bamboo Small 16 Inch Wall


Floating Shelves Wall Mounted,Natural Bamboo Small 16 Inch Wall


Product Description


bedroom shelves


  • Different from most wall shelves which are MDF or Light wood and cheap finish, these shelves are constructed from natural bamboo and black powder coated metal brackets, perfect blend of rustic meets industrial, adds a nice rustic and beautiful touch on any wall!
  • Bamboo has its unique natural texture. The texture is clearly visible, giving people a rustic and elegant freshness, bamboo joints and beautiful appearance.
  • BAMBOO Storage Shelves Finish is More Durable Than A Standard Painted Finish And Stronger Than MDF or wooden Storage Shelves.

Product Specification

  • Box Contains:

  1. 2 × Long Floating Shelf
  2. 4 × Mounting Bracket
  3. 10 × Strong Universal Screw(8 for installation and 2 for backup)
  4. 10 × Dry Wall Anchor (8 for installation and 2 for backup)
  5. 10 × Concrete Wall Anchor (8 for installation and 2 for backup)
  6. 1 × Easy instruction Manual and Template

  • Kindly Notes:

  1. Due to different computer screens, the color of actual items may slightly differ from the online images.
  2. Due to different methods of measurement, please allow 0.4''-0.8'' dimension deviation.

Floating Shelves Wall Mounted,Natural Bamboo Small 16 Inch Wall

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