Max 77% OFF Kaper II L14-0026A Amber Clearance LED Marker Light Marker/Clearance,Kaper,Light,II,Amber,,LED,$7,/nectopod984651.html,Automotive , Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle,L14-0026A Marker/Clearance,Kaper,Light,II,Amber,,LED,$7,/nectopod984651.html,Automotive , Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle,L14-0026A $7 Kaper II L14-0026A Amber LED Marker/Clearance Light Automotive Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle $7 Kaper II L14-0026A Amber LED Marker/Clearance Light Automotive Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicle Max 77% OFF Kaper II L14-0026A Amber Clearance LED Marker Light

Max Excellence 77% OFF Kaper II L14-0026A Amber Clearance LED Marker Light

Kaper II L14-0026A Amber LED Marker/Clearance Light


Kaper II L14-0026A Amber LED Marker/Clearance Light

Product description


Light, marker, amber, 12 diode, surface/screw-mount, rated: p2 00 connection: 2 bare wires;  lens color: amber; tested voltage: 12.8 Volts; Material: Polycarbonate lens;  abs housing.

Kaper II L14-0026A Amber LED Marker/Clearance Light

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